Lagos Commercial Buses To Resume 100% Loading Of Passengers

Many commercial buses in Lagos have returned to carrying full-capacity, as against the directive of the state government that all commercial busies should load a maximum of 60 per cent of their capacity.

Several buses observed by PREMIUM TIMES along Ikorodu road loaded full capacity, The only ones who still adhere to the government’s COVID-19 protocol are those that load their passengers from the motor parks.

In May, Governor Babajide Sanwo Olu announced the guidelines for the partial easing of lockdown in the state, part of which was that commercial buses should not load more than 60 per cent of the bus capacity.

On Saturday, the governor announced further measures to ease the lockdown including the planned reopening of worship places and extension of business hours; but he was silent on public transportation.

Over the past few weeks, PREMIUM TIMES observed how many commercial buses in the state, including the government-partnered buses such as those owned by Primero Services Limited, popularly called BRT, have returned to loading full capacity.

“Do they expect us to continue loading half of the bus? How are we to make a profit? You should also put yourself in our condition, we pay for fuel, bus maintenance and still pay dues at every bus-stop, including some monies paid to police officers and LASTMA officers,” a bus driver said.

During a recent trip in a public bus, disgruntled passengers were grumbling about how they are the receiving end of the decisions of the government and commercial bus drivers, without any succour from employers and the government.

Several Lagosians who commute to their various workplaces using public transport have been subjected to hardship since the ease of lockdown in Lagos.

Following the announcement by the state government that commercial buses should load a maximum of 60 per cent capacity, bus fares in Lagos doubled.



Sunday 2nd of August 2020

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