COVID-19 Face Mask: My Experience in Traffic

Face Mask has become a common commodity since the advent of the novel coronavirus. It has joined the prevalent and important commodities in the market today. People in all areas of life have either bought the so-called “readymade” face mask or sewed different ones with local materials. 

An unavoidable question comes to play in this corona era “should face mask be sold in traffic?”. giving the fact that the virus spreads easily and it's highly contagious is it reasonable for this product to be sold in such public space?  

My genuine answer is no, this product is designed to prevent the continuous spread of this deadly disease, just imagine the product coming in contact with this virus in such a rugged place like Lagos which is well known to have the largest number of COVID-19 case and counting. The disaster would be overwhelming. 

The dangers of buying face mask in Lagos traffic is enormous, firstly 80% of sellers have poor hygiene, poor facilities to protect their product from contamination during the course of the sale. The poor economic situation of the country has left them with little or no means to ensure proper hygiene in such a congested place like Lagos. The rugged life which is well known by many Lagosian does not support cleanliness and this disease thrives in a dirty environment. 

Closely related to poor hygiene is carelessness and illiteracy, both the seller and the buyer do not see coronavirus as an imminent threat, he sees it as a little bit of malaria combined with catarrh and because the virus does not have scary physical symptoms like Ebola and Monkeypox,  he takes it for granted and therefore behave carelessly when handling materials such as the face mask. 

The other day while coming from work in the bus a man wanted to purchase a face mask from a seller, he continuously tested different face mask the seller was marketing to him, just imagine if he has the disease, he would spread it to a thousand others. 

According to the W.H.O after rigorous testing of the cloth face mask (which is often sold in Lagos traffic) it has been discovered that this form of the mask is inefficient in protecting one from contracting the disease because the virus is microscopic and can pass through the lining of materials but when lined with proper air filters it is protective and saves people from contracting the virus.  

This draws me to the concluding obvious fact that Lagosian cannot afford to purchase a face mask in traffic or unsensitized environment. You should consider your health and the health of those around you when purchasing such sensitive material by buying this product in a sanitary environment, which is a pharmacy or hospital that is well known for good personal hygiene. 


Sunday 17th of May 2020

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